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Confidential information

Any company, including a bank, can be faced with illegal, unethical or unsafe actions by employees, heads of any level, customers and service providers. Most often, companies become concerned about such actions only after they have been published in the media or come to the attention of external regulators or law enforcement agencies. That is why companies rely on the awareness of those persons who are willing to notify the Board of existing problems before they become the subject of public discussion and clarification by the relevant authorities.

The bank's official policy includes a commitment and willingness to develop an open and effective system of confidential reporting. From 01.06.2021 the Reporting Policy of CJSC ''Zepter Bank'' on illegal or unethical actions entered into force (hereinafter the Policy), which was approved by the Supervisory Board on 27.05.2021 (Minutes No.22).

The Policy defines the goals, objectives and procedure for reporting, including the anonymous official (hereinafter AO) responsible for internal control at the Bank and the Independent director, of illegal or unethical actions in the Bank's activities, as well as the measures taken upon receipt of such information.


  • does not apply to those who maliciously declare knowingly false information discrediting the honour and dignity of the Bank's employees, third parties, and (or) to obtain any preferences, personal benefit, avoid responsibility or out of hooliganism;

  • does not apply to applications under review in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Belarus No. 300-3 dated 18.07.2011 "On applications of citizens and legal entities".

Everyone is given the opportunity to notify the AO (Independent director) in person of illegal or unethical actions, or:

  • by sending a written request to the Bank's address marked "Do not open, to the official responsible for internal control" or "Do not open, to the Independent director";

  • by phone +375 44 712 55 84,

  • by sending an electronic appeal to the separately allocated email address of the AO

The Bank takes measures to ensure the confidentiality of the information accepted, including information that contains information about the Applicant's personal data.

Bank employees who are given access to confidential information about the Applicant's personal data sign a non-disclosure undertaking and that they will not be prosecuted for notifying them of illegal or unethical actions.

When submitting a Notification (in person, in writing, online or by telephone), you should provide as much details as possible so that the Bank can assess the situation and carry out an investigation:

  • general information, background to the issue, the cause of the problem;

  • names, dates, places and other information relevant to the issue;

  • documents in support of the Notification.

Further review of the Notification is only possible if the Notification contains sufficient information and there is a realistic possibility of obtaining further information.

Notifications received by the Bank shall be subject to review by the AO (Independent director) no later than thirty days from the date of receipt of the Notification.

The Bank strives to develop and apply solutions that reflect the nature of its business and complement its approach to forming an open organisational and corporate culture.