РУС Zepter Online

Payments and documents confirmation of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs with the help of SMS-code


Zepter Bank has a new convenient and modern service for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs - confirmation of any document sent to the Bank via the Internet bank using an SMS code without using an electronic key. This service involves multi-factor authentication, the technology of which provides user identification using a combination of different components.

The main advantage of the service is that now documents can be confirmed and sent for processing to the Bank without using an electronic key not only on a computer or laptop, but also on a tablet and a smartphone running on any operating system (Windows, Android, iOS or Mac OS) . For the convenience of users, the electronic key can still be used in order to make payments and confirm documents. Thanks to the new service, it is possible to confirm electronic documents and make payments outside the office anywhere in the world. At any moment of your business life, Zepter Bank CJSC will be with you!
You can get advice in the contact center: + 375 29 145 95 95, + 375 29 293 95 95, + 375 17 287 95 95